About SoundOutTheBox:

SoundOutTheBox's goal is to develop efficient, innovative and easy to use audio plugins and applications. All of them are checked and valided by sound engineers, developpers and designers in order to guarantee the best product.

Do not hesitate to contact us for specific development, .

SoundOutTheBox is based in Paris in France.

Close to the users:

SoundOutTheBox ensures the products support.

A FAQ is available to give some information about the most usual questions asked and their answers.


SoundOutTheBox has been founded by Remi Tuveri in 2012.

"Passionate by audio domain and the technological innovation, my wish is to provide adapted audio tools to everyone.
Remi Tuveri"


5 years in the Development team of a famous company in ShowControl domain
2 years in an IT service company on the automation of metro line 1 in Paris on audio/video system, IT Link
3 years in the Research And Development team of a famous french loudspeaker builder for audio professionnal, APG