XTrack EQ32

VST / VST3 audio effect plugin, Equalizer 32 bands

XTrack EQ32 is a VST / VST3 audio effect plugin which provides an equalizer 32 bands with a low CPU usage.
Whereas most of equalizers support only stereo control, XTrack EQ32 gives you the possibility to control a Mono, a Stereo, a LRS, a Quatro and an 8.0 Music system.
Equalization presets can be saved in a specific file in XML format. These presets are editable and can be loaded easily by the plugin via its user interface.
XTrack EQ32 has also a vumeter for input and output signal.


Light U

Smartphone App for lighting effects during events

Light U is a free App which uses modern technology to simultaneously change the screen color of smartphones all around the world via a synchronization system on the Cloud.
It is designed to improve interactive experience during shows, concerts...
Light U transforms your smartphone to a lighting device during concerts and events in order to make them unforgettable!



MXM plugin

The MXM SOTB JS Widget allows to display a new generation of graphical objects, called Widget, in a Local Panel in the Medialon Manager application.
These Widgets are defined in formatted Javascript files (.js) which are distributed with the MxM by SoundOutTheBox.


Javascript Widgets

Javascript graphical objects

A Javascript Widget is graphical object which can be displayed in a browser.
It is defined in formatted Javascript files (.js).
Javascript Widgets have been created mainly in order to created dynamically a graphical object in a browser. For example, this allows to load easily different graphical objects at different time in the same HTML page.



Application for processing audio

PAUMME, Processor Audio Unit - MME, is an application dedicated to processing audio.
It turns your computer into a true stereo audio processor with a user interface easy to use. PAUMME provides Delay, Low filter, High filter, 6 EQs, Low and High Shelves on each channel. Presets can be saved and loaded.
This application works on Windows and use MME to read and write stereo audio signal on the computer input and the output.


UPnP Browser

Universal Plug and Play Browser

QUPnPBrowser is a free software which allows to browse UPnP Media Server on the network.