Javascript Widgets


A Javascript Widget is graphical object which can be displayed in a browser.
It is defined in formatted Javascript files (.js).
Javascript Widgets have been created mainly in order to created dynamically a graphical object in a browser. For example, this allows to load easily different graphical objects at different time in the same HTML page.

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One checkbox can be easily designed by defining Text, Font, Color, Default state options.

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colorPicker is a color selector which allows to know the RGB values of the new color and the current color already validated.

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contentFlow is a image selector.

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Different kind of knob can be drawn. This Widget provides many options like ‘ReadOnly’, ‘DisplayInput’, Min’, ‘Max’ …

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Draw a line, an area, bars or points to represent an array with many rows.

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Pickadate is a date selector.

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Pies are divided into segments, the arc of each segment shows a the proportional value of each piece of data. They are excellent at showing the relational proportions between data.

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Draw a line, an area, bars or points to represent an array with only one row.

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sphereMenu displays an item list as a rotative sphere.

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vTicker allows to display news vertically as a ticker.

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vuMeter1 is a widget which displays a vuMeter with a static size. The level is defined between –20 and 3.

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xyPad can be used to define the position x-y of a device as a pan-tilt controller.

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